Signal Solutions for Industrial and Hazardous location   Audio - Bells, Horns, Buzzers, Fire Alarms.   Visual – Rotating, Flashing, Strobe, Fluorescent Incandescent, Halogen, Steady-on,  Class I, Div I. Disaster Warning Systems.

Edwards' Product catalog describes our complete line of electronic audible and visual signals for indoor, outdoor, and hazardous locations. Edwards Signaling & Security Systems Catalog including two-line Workstation Message Centers, Chameleon LED multi-status indicators, industrial weatherproof and marine-rated hazardous location beacons, and outdoor-rated hazardous location bells and horns.

In addition, the catalog details Edwards' full line of fire alarm devices, appliances, and panels as well as door holders, door releases, contact devices, and annunciators.


Visual Signals

Communicating. Alerting. Warning! Whatever your need for a visual signal, Edwards is the one-source solution with the industry's broadest line of visual signals.

A signal for every signal need. From cranes and conveyors to safety and security, signals that can be both seen and heard.

Audible Signals

Edwards provides a wide selection of general purpose vibrating and single stroke bells and buzzers that sound a unique tone that demands immediate attention.

Edwards provides the broadest line of horns in the industry. And Sirens - Edwards makes motor driven sirens for all your signaling needs! Edwards also provides a wide selection of High db Klaxon and Air Operated Horn signals for industrial use.

Fire Alarm

Edwards has been a pioneer in the design, manufacture and installation of leading edge fire alarm signals and systems for over 130 years. Serving Fortune 500 and other leading worldwide companies, our fire alarm products perform to the exacting standards required to ensure workplace safety.


From a simple one-camera application to a high-end application where IP cameras are required, Edwards offers video solutions.

Machine Safeguarding

The Safer Switch for Safety Interlocks

Whether it's a new machine design or a retrofit to increase operator safety on an existing machine, GuardSwitches and mechanical safety interlocks provide the best fit for your application.

Annunciators & Text Messaging

Edwards Message Centers and lamp annunciators have proven themselves as the standard of reliability for commercial and institutional applications.

Using color and easy-to-program motion, the Edwards message centers display multiple communiques that can be changed instantly. Edwards Drop Annunciators have been designed for monitoring of critical commercial and industrial applications.

Clocks & Timers

Edwards makes quality AC and battery operated clocks for airports, schools, offices and medical facilities. They appear everywhere...

Edwards provids a complete line of attractive analog, LED & LCD clocks, available in one or two face and weatherproof configurations.

Call for Assistance Devices

Edwards horn/strobes & lamp annunciators are found everywhere, from hotels to public restrooms.

Our solutions are available with audible or visual features, or both! Our signaling devices come as simple as a wall switch with a pull string located in a public rest room.

Outdoor Warning Systems

From air to steam to electric power, Edwards air horns, steam whistles, and disaster alert signals are among the most powerful and distinctive signals in the industry.

Edwards Outdoor signals are ideal for use in mines, refineries, chemical plants and other indoor or outdoor hazardous locations where a differentiated, easily heard tone is required.

Public Address & Intercom

Edwards Signaling offer a full complement of UL 813 Listed indoor and outdoor paging equipment that can be used in sound reinforcement, general paging, as well as commercial and industrial communication systems applications.

Telephone Signals

In factories and foundries, printing plants, wherever noise levels are high and the normal phone ring can't be heard ringing.

Edwards provides remote telephone call bells, horns, strobes, and mechanical and electronic telecode relays for whenever and wherever they're needed.


Edwards transformers are used everywhere! In schools, offices and industrial sites. From door bells to door openers, Call for Assistance to air conditioning duct controls.

Contact Devices

Edwards provides a wide range of contact devices for residential, commercial and OEM applications.

Edwards provides signals and accessories for security and fire alarm system solutions too!

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